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Plywood hot press machine, The most important machine in plywood making line.
BrandLinyi JianzhongTagsplywood press machine
Hydraulic Debarker Machine Advantages1.double roll back and forth on log,wood is convenient,improve skin speed.2.the hydraulic feed mechanical structure,advance and retract rapidly...
BrandjianzhongTagslog debarker machine
veneer peeling machine, veneer peeling machine.
BrandjianzhongTagsveneer peeling machine
plywood glue spreader,veneer glue spreader, plywood glue spreader,veneer glue spreader.
BrandjianzhongTagsplywood glue spreader,veneer glue spreader
plywood dryer,veneer dryer, plywood dryer,veneer dryer.
BrandjianzhongTagsplywood dryer,veneer dryer
plywood paving machine, plywood paving machine.
BrandjianzhongTagsplywood paving machine
DD saw,automatic saw,plywood saw, DD saw,automatic saw,plywood saw.
BrandjianzhongTagsDD saw,automatic saw,plywood saw
plywood cold press, plywood cold press,veneer cold press.
BrandjianzhongTagsplywood cold press,veneer cold press
plywood hot press, according to customer order to product.
BrandjianzhongTagsplywood hot press,film faced plywood hot press