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Photonchina’s windows are used to isolate different physical environments while allowing light to pass. When selecting windows you should consider materials, transmission, scatte...
BrandPhotonchinaTagsOptical windows,Wedge windows,Brewster windows,Fused silica windows,CaF2 or Sapphire windows
Photonchina’s beamsplitters are used to split or combine beams of light. Plates are used for most laser applications as they exhibit low absorption. Cubes are a convenient, protected form for low power applications.
BrandPhotonchinaTagsBeamsplitter Cube,Beamsplitter Plate, PBS, Polarization Beamsplitter Cube
Photonchina’s wollaston polarizer can separate an incident beam into two rays: extraordinary and ordinary ray with a deviation angle which is dependent on wavelength. Both rays are transmitted through the other surface.
BrandPhotonchinaTagsWollaston Polarizer,polarizer,wollaston prism
ROCHON POLARIZERSRochon polarizer is made of two birefringent material prisms cemented or optical contacted together. The Rochon prism was invented by and is named after Abbé Alexis Marie Rochon.
BrandPhotonchinaTagsROCHON POLARIZER, polarizer
HIGH TRANSMSSION POLARIZERHigh Transmission Glan Laser Polarizers is a special type of Glan Laser Polarizers. Its incidence angle is brewster angle cut which can greatly improve th...
BrandPhotonchinaTagsHIGH transmission POLARIZER, high transmission optics, high power polarizer
Photonchina’s Glan-Thompson Polarizer is made of two cemented calcite (or a-BBO) prisms that are at the highest optical level. When the unpolarized light enters Glan-Thmopson Pol...
BrandPhotonchinaTagsGlan Thompson Polarizer, thompson polarizer
Glan Taylor polarizer is made of two birefringent prisms that are assembled with an air space. The polarizer with no side escape windows is suitable for low to medium power application where the side rejected beams are not required.
BrandPhotonchinaTagsGlan Taylor polarizer, taylor polarizer,BBO polarizer,calcite polarizer,YVO4 polarizer
Glan Laser polarizer is made of two same birefringent material prisms that are assembled with an air space. Photonchina’s polarizer is a modification of the Glan Taylor type and ...
BrandPhotonchinaTagsGlan Laser Polarizer, glan polarizer, crystal polarizer,laser polarizer, BBO polarizer, calcite polarizer, YVO4 polarizer
Zero Order WaveplateThe zero order waveplate is designed to give a retardance of zero full waves, plus the desired fraction. Zero order waveplate shows better performance than low/multiple order waveplates.
BrandPhotonchinaTagsture zero order waveplate, zero order waveplate, mulitple order waveplate, quartz waveplate
Waveplate is an optic in which the polished faces contain the optical axis. All light incidents normal to the surface are composed of components polarized parallel and perpendicular to the axis.
BrandPhotonchinaTagsOctadic/ Quarter/Half Waveplate--Circular/Quadratic Waveplate
Waveplate Type:Zero Order, Multiple Order, AchromaticMaterial:Quartz and MgF2, MgF2, Quartz, N-BK7, CustomMounting:Mounted, UnmountedShape:Round, Square, Rectangle, CustomSize:1-80...
BrandPhotonchinaTagsAchromatic waveplate, Dual Wavelength waveplate,High Power Waveplate