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DIN2185 Morse Taper Sleeves

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DIN2185 Morse Taper Sleeves
DIN2185 Morse Taper Sleeves
Morse taper sleeves, also known as Morse taper adapters or Morse taper reducers, are mechanical components used in machining and tooling applications. They are used to connect tools with different Morse tapers to allow for the use of tools with different shank sizes or Morse taper sizes in a machine spindle or tailstock.

Morse taper sleeves are commonly used in metalworking, woodworking, and other precision machining applications where accurate tool alignment and secure tool holding are critical for achieving precise and consistent results.
Our high-quality Morse taper sleeves, also known as Morse taper adapters or Morse taper reducers, designed for use in precision machining applications. Our Morse taper sleeves are essential components for connecting tools with different Morse tapers, allowing for versatile tooling options in machine spindles or tailstocks.

Morse taper sleeves typically have a tapered shape with one end having a larger Morse taper size, which is inserted into the machine spindle or tailstock, and the other end having a smaller Morse taper size, which accepts the tool with the corresponding Morse taper size. They are commonly used in drill presses, lathes, milling machines, and other machining equipment.

Morse taper sleeves are designed to provide a precise and secure connection between the machine spindle or tailstock and the tool, ensuring accurate alignment and smooth rotation. They are made from high-quality materials, such as hardened steel, to provide durability and withstand the high forces and speeds encountered during machining operations.

There are various sizes and types of Morse taper sleeves available, ranging from Morse taper #0 to Morse taper #7, with different taper angles and lengths to accommodate different tooling requirements. It is important to select the correct Morse taper sleeve that matches the Morse taper size of the tool and the machine spindle or tailstock to ensure proper fit and function.
RIEHOR Morse taper sleeves are reliable, precise, and versatile components for precision machining applications. With a wide range of sizes and types, ease of use, and trusted quality, our Morse taper sleeves are the ideal tooling solution for connecting tools with different Morse tapers, ensuring accurate alignment and consistent results in your machining operations. Contact us to learn more about our Morse taper sleeves and how they can enhance your machining processes.
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