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Product Details
Granty-Type Automatic CNC Vision Measuring Machine YMM-GCNC Serie
* Sturdy bridge type construction with
long-travel automatic vision measurement.
* Granite base keeps machine movement smoothly.
* Auto-focus for height measurement, touch probe
can be installed.
* 4-axis CNC controls, full-automatic measurement
* Navigation-guide tube is equipped to perform
the function of map navigation.
(automatic zoom lens optional)
* Programmable 4 rings 8 zones ring light for surface
illumination, LED light for contour illumination
*“RENISHAW” metal linear encoder with high
resolution of 1.0μm
*“THK” precision linear guide & ground ball screw
*“DAHENG” special high-definition image capture card
to ensure the sharpness measuring image


Measuring range(mm)600x500x200800x600x2001000x800x2001500x1200x200
Max. load(kg)30303030
Accuracy of X-Y axis3+L/200µm
Accuracy of Z axis5+L/200µm
XYZ resolution0.1μm
Linear encoder“ Renishaw ” metal linear scale
Moving speed (mm/s)X-Y: 500 Z: 100
CCD Camera 1.3Mpixel high-definition digital color CCD camera
Liner guide Taiwan“HIWIN” P- grade linear guide
Optics6:5:1 zoom lens
Magnificationoptics magnification: 0.7X-4.5X; image magnification: 24X-158X
SoftwareCNC full-automatic measuring software
Control systemSBK4000 fully closed-loop control
Profile illuminationLED cold light, 256 level programmable brightness adjustable
Surface illumination4 rings 8 zones LED cold lighting with independent zone control & 256 level programmable brightness adjustable
Motor“PANASONIC” synchronous AC servo motor
Operated modesoftware + joystick
Optional PartsRenishaw MCP probe, Keyence lase measure probe, Auto GPS lens
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