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Underground CTY5 TOB Battery Locomotive
Underground CTY5 TOB Battery Locomotive
Battery electric locomotive is a kind of track traction equipment powered by batteries, which is generally used in mines. There are two types of battery electric locomotives, explosion-proof type and ordinary type. The explosion-proof type is mainly used in coal mines. There are also many options in terms of speed regulation and braking methods. Speed control methods include resistance speed control, chopping speed control and frequency conversion speed control. Braking methods include pure mechanical braking, hydraulic braking and compressed air braking. In addition, electric braking can also be selected as an auxiliary braking method.
Adhesive weight (t) : 5 ton
Track gauge (mm) : 600.762.900
Traction (KN) : 7.06
Max. Traction (KN) : 12.26
Speed(km/h) : 7
Battery Voltage (V) : 90V
Battery Capacity (Ah) : 385
Power (KW) : 7.5 KWx1
Length(mm) : 3170
Width(mm) : 920,1082or 1220
Height(mm) : 1550
Wheelbase (mm) : 850
Wheel diameter (mm) : 520
Min Curve radius (m) : 6
Controller : Resistencia or IGB or VF controller
Braking method : Mechanical/Hydraulic brake
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