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Product Details
Spotless Car Washing System
Lanlang ® ZCW-F617 using softened water will improve dry and itchy skin, dry scalps and eczema by removing damaging hard minerals.
Protect your expensive equipment and increase the lifespan of your appliances by guarding against rust stains and scale build-up in your pipes.
Improve taste and odor, and increase lathering of soaps and reduce water usage, significantly optimizing the performance of your washing machine and dishwasher.

1. Product Structure:
ZCW-F617 Spotless Car Washer extracts all solids from your water to produce Laboratory grade water which leaves a spot free rinse every time. Whether it's for at home use, solar panel washing, mobile car detailing, boat cleaning, or any number of professions that require deionized water, this DI water system allows you to make DI water anywhere at a fraction of the cost.
2. How it works:
The standard garden hose connections allow it to easily connect between the park faucet and your RV, Boat or Pressure Washer. The unit comes fully assembled ready for use and requires no tools or electricity to operate and get started. This product can be attached to your household water supply to effectively filter hard minerals out of your water supply to give you a spot free rinse.
3. Product Features:
Easy 5 minute setup.
Standard Garden Hose Hookup/No Electricity Required.
Instant DI Water for your mobile washing business or at home use.
No scratches on your vehicle from hand drying with towels or chamois
No More Waterspots: Our System , water de-ionizing system takes out all of the minerals in your water so you can just wash, rinse and let your vehicle "Air Dry"
· This product is versatile, easy to use.
· Can be used for automobile, motorcycle cleaning and brushing.
· Can be used for gardening, cleaning and window glass and billboards all need cleaning items.
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