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Product Details
amino acid chelate camgznb
Ca Mg Zn B chelate amino acid ,characterised by easy absorption,no residues, as a mineral fertiliser for micronutrients supplement.It takes the advantage of tranforming the insoluble and hard to absorption metal elements to directly digestible amino acid chelates,it’s an inorganic to organic transformation.
Main efficacy :
Enhance crops immune system to fungal and bacterial diseases
Accelerate photosynthesis and enzyme activity
Prevent leaf withered ,yellowish and root rot etc disease,could relieve adverse effect of pesticide by improper application
Increase the physiological function of plants to higher yield and quality

Appearance Light yellow powder
Moisture 5% max
Amino acid30% min
Ca10% min
Mg2% min
Zn+B2%(Zn1.5%, B0.5%) min
Water solubility100%
Total Nirtogen12% min
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