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amino acid fertilizer 60%

amino acid powder 60%,light yellow powder with good fluidity and 100% water solubility.18 kinds of amino acid share almost share the same amount rate in plant ,and this product content higher 20% GLU amino acid. as we know GLU plays a very important role in plant growth and development. Nowadays, Glu has been found to emerge as signaling role. Under normal conditions, Glu takes part in seed germination, root architecture, pollen germination, and pollen tube growth,as well as response and adaptation to environmental Stress.
amino acid powder 60% is main raw material for foliar fertiliser and could be directly apply for water flush fertiliser ,base fertiliser etc.

AppearanceLight yellow powder
Water solubility100%
Moisture 5% max
Total amino acid 60% min
Free amino acid55% min
GLU20% mmin
Total nitrogen12% min
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