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Handong HBS-80 pneumatic tooth clutch
Handong HBS-80 pneumatic tooth clutch is one kind of pneumatic tooth clutch. Except this, the pneumatic tooth clutch has BTC series, HTP series and HTC series.

HBS pneumatic tooth clutch is a kind of inside tooth Pneumatic clutch, it developed from outside tooth clutch. After supplying Pneumatic pressure, two ends of tooth engaged in axial movement; after exhausting Pneumatic pressure, two ends of tooth back by return springs. This tooth clutch is usually used in high precision industries.

Usually, driving tooth plate is rotated with driving shaft, while driven tooth plate is not like that. After supplying Pneumatic pressure, piston pushes driving tooth plate moving towards to and combining driven tooth plate, both ends of tooth integrated, to come into an integrated structure, clutch linked. Power output through driven tooth plate. Driving tooth plate and driven tooth plate are separated by return springs after exhausting Pneumatic pressure, both ends of tooth separated, clutch released.
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