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Product Details
BTCL-10 prolong bore pneumatic tooth clutch
BTCL-10 prolong bore pneumatic tooth clutch is a customized OEM air clutch. It is based on regular BTC-10 pneumatic tooth clutch, while its shaft is longer than standard BTC-10 pneumatic tooth clutch's.

BTCL-10 model pneumatic tooth clutch main characters:
1.It is linked with air pressure via shaft movement, released by return springs.
2.Tooth and tooth engagement transmits torque, no slippage, precision torque transmission.
3.Narrow space it can transmit high torque in compact size, torque adjustment range is wide.
4.Compact size, while transmit torque is several times than other same size clutch.
5.1:1 constant value, no slippage and no torque lost.
6.Instant integrate or separate, action flexible and rapid.
7.Integrated structure, easy installation and no worry about tooth and tooth coaxiality.
8.Low speed or static engagement, high speed rotating.
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