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Malleable Iron Castings
Malleable Iron Castings
Category:Steel casting
Malleable Iron Castings is a cast iron product obtained by treating ordinary white cast iron. Common grades are KTH300-06 etc.
Malleable Iron Castings is very common in the production process, has a wide range of uses, and has good mechanical properties.It is mainly used in shock and vibration parts such as rear axle housing, steering mechanism, low pressure valve, pipe joint and so on.
Malleable cast iron refers to a kind of cast iron obtained by graphitizing and annealing white cast iron, which has high strength, plasticity and toughness, and can replace carbon steel to a certain extent. Malleable cast iron is also called malleable iron, horse iron and ductile cast iron. Childworms are used in the manufacture of automobile parts or wear-resistant parts of power machinery.
The processing performance of white iron is extremely poor, so through graphitization degradation treatment, the formed malleable cast iron has higher strength and plasticity, which has better mechanical properties than gray cast iron, and has good plasticity and toughness. It is generally divided into black-core malleable iron and pearlitic malleable iron.
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