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Product Details
Alternative Asahi CTHP25 hot sell pneumatic tooth clutch HTP
Handong company is a professional manufacturer of pneumatic clutch. We made HTP series pneumatic tooth clutch is alternative Asahi CTHP25 hot sell pneumatic tooth clutch with superior quality and low price.

hot sell pneumatic tooth clutch in low price characters:
1.High torque, without slippage
Transmit torque through tooth engagement, without slippage, compact size while transmit high torque.
2.Transmit stable torque
It not affected by mounting deviation, torque transmitted is stable and independent of the number of rotations.
3.Easy installation
Integrated structure, it doesn’t need to adjust tooth alignment.
4.Superior response function
Rapid response, clutch linked and released in moment, and don’t damage tooth, service life is long.
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