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Product Details
Roller unwinding magnetic powder brake FZ
Roller unwinding magnetic powder brake FZ is used for roller braking and tension control, it is widely applied in unwinding machine for roll and roll.

Following are the characters of this roller unwinding magnetic powder brake:
1. Easy control in a wide range
Transmission torque changed continuously in response to changes in the exciting current, and so can be easily controlled in a wide range.
2. Stable braking torque
Due to the shape of the operating surface and powder leakage prevention structure, the distribution of powder can be kept uniform and stable torque can be reproduced even if the current is repeatedly turned on and off.
3. Large heat capacity
The products using powder have excellent heat resistance and an ideal cooling structure, and so can be used even in harsh continuous slip operation.
4. Smooth connection and drive
With almost equal coefficients of static and dynamic friction, load-based acceleration/
deceleration can be obtained without shock at the time of complete connection.

This magnetic powder brake with shaft and without shaft are actuated by magnetic iron powder, it is easy and economic.
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