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KB-CC air pilot mounted clutch brake unit
KB-CC air pilot mounted clutch brake unit is also a kind of friction group, it is suitable for high speed connection and rotating.

KB air shaft mounted clutch brake unit working theory is similar with other friction clutch brake:
When it is not supply air pressure, brake braked, clutch released. After supplying air pressure, piston compresses braking springs,piston disc separated with brake friction plat and linked with clutch friction plate, then clutch linked, brake released. After exhausting air pressure, braking springs push piston to slide along the direction of the axis, piston disc separated with clutch friction plate, linked with brake friction plate, then clutch released, brake braked again.

KB model clutch & brake unit has two kinds of air inlet modes, shaft air inlet and end air inlet. As usually, shaft air inlet is more popular used.
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