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Stainless steel casting
Stainless steel casting
Category:Steel casting
Stainless steel casting, its products are widely used, benefiting from the performance and cost-effectiveness of stainless steel materials. Common grades are 304 and so on.
Product Description
Stainless steel casting, there are many different production and processing casting processes, can produce different types of products for different purposes. It is used for some parts with high mechanical performance requirements and general corrosion resistance requirements, such as springs, steam turbine blades, hydraulic press valves, etc.
Stainless steel casting, also known as silica sol process stainless steel casting, is an excellent casting process. The current technology of stainless steel casting is relatively mature. It is not only suitable for various types of casting, but also produces castings with more precise dimensions and better surface quality, so they are widely used in various industries.
Castings made of stainless steel investment casting have high dimensional accuracy and surface finish, so the workload of machining can be reduced and the utilization rate of raw materials can be greatly improved. And stainless steel investment casting can produce complex castings of various alloys, especially high-temperature alloy castings.
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