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Product Details
Kuangshun PCB Circuits Board Solder Mask Ink
KSM-S6189EWT45 is photoimageable solder mask. It has good screen printing adaptability , excellent adhesion , high resistance to chemicals and heat. It has extensive operating conditions . This liquid photoimageable solder mask possesses easy operation and is wildly accepted.
Note:Our company produces PCB solder ink ,making ink, etching and plating resist ink and other series . please  directly contact the quotation if you need!

Brand name:  KUANGSHUAN
Model: KSM-S6189EG05-HF
- low-halogen for less than 600ppm halogen content
- has colorful,stable and glossy finish
- good screen printing adhesion
- acid and alkali resistance, and solvent resistance
- outstanding OSP characteristic
- easy to operate, superior performance 
- environmental-friendly performance
- UL94 V-0 certifacted

Color  :  GREEN
Fineness : ≤8μm 0~25μm Fineness gauge
Mixing ratio : Base /Hardener=4:1 Weight ratio
Solid content after mixing : 75±4%
after mixing(25ºC): 240±40dPa?s VT-04F
Density after mixing(25ºC): 1.20~1.30g/ml
Pot life after mixing : 24 hours Store below 25ºC in the dark
Pre- baking limit : 75ºC,50min
Exposure energy : 500~900mJ/cm2 The effective value through the polyester film
Package : Base :800g,Hardener:200g Conventional Packaging
Base :4kg,Hardener:1kg
Shelf time : 6 months since the date of manufacture Store below 25ºC in the dark

Properties of the film (after post cured)
Pencil hardness≥6HPencil harder,JIS K5400 8.4
Adhesion100/100Laceration experiment,JIS K5400 8.5
Solvent resistanceGood25ºC, C2H5OH, 20min
Acid resistanceGood25ºC 10vol%H2SO4 , 20min
Alkali resistanceGood25ºC 10wt%NaOH , 20min
Boiling water resistanceGood100ºC, 30min
Insulation resistance≥1.0×1012ΩIPC-SM-840C 3.8.2
CTI≥600IEC 60112:2003
Resistance to molten solder288ºC×10 seconds×3 times
OKJIS C6481 5.5
Resistance to flameUL94 V-0Certified number:UL-E189612
Chemical-plating nickel/aurumOKNi:5μm; Au:0.05μm

1.The base and hardener should be mixed according to the ratio and stirred thoroughly before using.
2.We will offer you special diluent or DPM if the ink need dilute.
3.The values above are based on experiments in our lab. Experiments need to be carried out in order to get proper using condition.
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