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Low temperature alloy casting
Low temperature alloy casting
Category:Titanium alloy casting
Low temperature alloy casting can be used as an important material for the low-temperature structure of hydrogen-oxygen engines. Common grades are TC4 etc.
Product Description
Low temperature alloy casting can show stronger mechanical properties at low temperature.At present, it has been used in the field of liquid rocket engines, mainly as structural materials such as hydrogen storage tanks for hydrogen-oxygen engines, hydrogen pump impellers, etc., which greatly improves the comprehensive performance of liquid rocket engines.
Low-temperature titanium alloys refer to titanium alloys that can work normally under low temperature conditions. They are generally divided into three categories, alpha titanium alloys, beta titanium alloys and alpha-beta titanium alloys. Typical low-temperature titanium alloy products are suitable for working at -253°C as a storage container for liquid fuel, and some alloys have good low-temperature plasticity and fracture toughness.
The strength of low-temperature titanium alloys can be increased as the temperature decreases, and the toughness remains basically unchanged, making it easy to weld. It has high specific strength, corrosion resistance and low thermal conductivity. It can not only be used as a storage container for low-temperature objects, but also can be used as low-temperature structural parts for the aerospace industry.
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