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two part urethane dispenser 2k urethane dispenser
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Our system accurately meters, mixes and dispenses two-component medium to low-viscosity materials for potting,
gasketing,sealing, encapsulation and syringe filling. For variable ratio dispensing, the system handles ratios from 1:1 to 10:1.
The system is composed of material tank, metering pump, metering motor, material pipe, two component valve, motor for dynamic stirring, mixing tube and 3 axis robotic arms. Two kinds of glue are separated before they mix in mixing tube, so the glue will not cure in devices. Glue valve is with vacuum function to keep thin fluid from dripping. Other optional functions include:
Tank stirring function;
Tank defoaming function;
Thermostat heating function on Tank, pipe, and valve;
Super glue dispenser peristaltic pump main functions:
1. Automatic metering and mixing
2. Manual/Auto Gluing
3. Auto alarm for lack of material or full material
4. Gluing ratio and quantity adjustable
5. Auto cleaning
6. Material tank stirring (Optional)
7. Glue tank Vacuum Defoaming and Auto filling(Optional)
8. Glue barrels,metering pump,glue pipe can be heating (Optional)

Filter, LED products ,Electronic components,Crafts
Such as: LED display, Wall washer light, LED bar, LED strip, Ads module, Mutual inductor, Capacitor, Power supply, Transformer, air filter gluing,end cap for filter, solar junction box and so on
Power module, Ignition coil, Sensor, Photovoltaic module, Photovoltaic inverter. etc
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