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High temperature alloy casting
High temperature alloy casting
Category:Titanium alloy casting
High temperature alloy casting is made by moulding, forming shells, sintering, pouring and post-processing. Common grades are Ti60 etc.
Product Description
High temperature alloy casting is an important structural metal developed in the 1950s.It is one of the key materials of modern aero-engines, mainly used for forging parts such as aero-engine air pressure discs and blades.
High-temperature titanium alloys, also known as heat-resistant titanium alloys, refer to titanium alloys with high strength at 400-600 °C, which are mainly used to manufacture aero-engine compressor discs and rotor blades. Common grades are TC4, Ti60, TC17 and so on.
High temperature titanium alloys have high strength in the entire working temperature range, good plasticity at room temperature, good creep resistance and good thermal stability. It has good fatigue resistance at high temperature and room temperature. According to the structure, it can be divided into α titanium alloy, α+β titanium alloy and β titanium alloy.
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