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Medium-strength structural alloy casting
Medium-strength structural alloy casting
Category:Titanium alloy casting
Medium-strength structural alloy casting have good performance and are widely used. Common grades include TA18, GR19 etc.
Product Description
Medium-strength structural alloy casting are often used in the aerospace industry.When used in aircraft, it can reduce the structural weight and improve the structural efficiency, and at the same time, it can meet the requirements of high temperature components, the matching requirements of composite material structures, and the requirements of high corrosion resistance and long life.
At room temperature, titanium alloys with tensile strength between 800-1000MPa are called medium-strength titanium alloys. Common medium-strength titanium alloys can generally work in an environment of 400 °C, and are often used in the aerospace industry. , is one of the most abundant titanium alloy semi-finished products.
At room temperature, the tensile strength is above 800MPa, and the fatigue resistance and fracture toughness are relatively high. Various welding methods can be used, and the process performance is good. It can also be used for various mechanical processing. It is often used for large-scale specifications in the aerospace industry. Manufacture of aerospace forgings and short plate parts.
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