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Nickel-based heat-resistant alloys
Nickel-based heat-resistant alloys
Category:Nickel alloy casting
Nickel-based heat-resistant alloys is a kind of nickel-based alloy, and the common grades are GH738, GH4738 etc.
Product Description
Nickel-based heat-resistant alloys is a nickel-based alloy. There are many different classifications of nickel-based alloy. Heat-resistant alloy is a material that can be used at high temperatures.For example, chemical and chemical equipment in the petrochemical field, atomic power generation in the energy field, comprehensive utilization of coal and other fields.
The main elements of nickel-based heat-resistant alloys are nickel and chromium, and some other elements are also added to improve the solid solution strengthening of the alloy. They can still have high strength and oxidation resistance at high temperatures, and are often used in similar aircraft engines. and other high-temperature parts on the equipment.
Nickel-based alloys can dissolve more elements in them, and can still maintain good organizational stability after dissolving the elements. The representative Incoloy alloy series is resistant to corrosion and creep resistance. It can also be used in Stress cracking is prevented to a certain extent.
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