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Nickel-Based Precision Alloy Casting
Nickel-Based Precision Alloy Casting
Category:Nickel alloy casting
Nickel-Based Precision Alloy Casting includes nickel-based soft magnetic alloys, nickel-based precision resistance alloys and nickel-based electrothermal alloys. Common grades are N05500 etc.
Nickel-Based Precision Alloy Casting is commonly used in the electronics industry, resistors and other fields.In recent years, it has been widely used in the field of environmental protection and energy development, improving the comprehensive performance of the devices used.
Nickel-based alloy refers to an alloy with nickel as the basic element and still has high strength and certain oxidation corrosion resistance at high temperature of 650-1000 ° C. Nickel-based precision alloy is one of them, which includes nickel. Base soft magnetic alloy, nickel base precision resistance alloy, etc.
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