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Product Details
ABC Cable

ABC 2 core low voltage XLPE(PE or PVC) insulation Aerial Bundle Cable (ABC Cable) , for power pole to end service and end user, or as service drop cable from pole to pole, this cable also can used as street lighting line core, operating voltage from 120/220V to 600/1000V.

Phase conductor type: aluminum Conductor
Neutral conductor type: aluminum or aluminum alloy Conductor
Insuatlation type:XLPE, PE, PVC insulation
Number of core:2 cores

BS 7870 / TNB Specification(IEC 60502) / HD 626 S1 / NFC 33-209 / AS/NZS 3560-1/VDE027-626

NFC 33-209 0.6/1kV rated voltage overhead power system with XLPE insulation aerial bundled conductor
BS 7870.5 polymeric insulated aerial bundled conductors (ABC) of rated Voltage 0.6/1kV overhead distribution
VDE 027-626 overhead distribution cables of rated voltage U0/U(Um): 0.6/1(1.2)kV
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