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AAAC Conductor
AAAC conductor (All aluminum alloy conductor) is aluminum alloy 6201 wires, concentrically stranded. All aluminum alloy conductor AAAC is the material by adding copper, iron, magnesium, silicon and other elements on the basis of pure aluminum material.Therefore, AAAC conductors has some superior performances than AAC conductor after annealing treatment,special process synthesis and other advanced treatment. For example, all aluminium alloy conductors have better electrical conductivity and bending performance. Moreover, AAAC conductors also have better performance in creep resistance and corrosion resistance. Therefore, all aluminium alloy conductor AAAC guarantees the thermal stability of the connection even under prolonged overload and overheating.

AAAC Conductor Standard

ASTM B 399, ASTM B 399M, IEC 61089, BS EN 50182,AS 1531, DIN 48201-6, BS EN 50183, BS 3242, NFC 34-125, GB/T 1179

AAAC Conductor Application

AAAC Conductor (All aluminum alloy conductor) is widely used in overhead transmission lines. All Aluninum Alloy Conductor AAAC is mainly divided into high-strength, medium-strength and heat-resistant series of AAAC conductors. High-strength AAAC conductor is widely used in heavy- ice areas and across line area, for purpose of increasing the span between towers. Therefore,it reduces the quantity of towers and space taken. Ultimately,it greatly improves the conductivity of the AAAC conductor wire.While, the heat-resistant all aluminum alloy conductors are used in transmission line where there is medium capacity expansion requirements and tight line corridors. Besides, heat-resistant AAAC conductors are not only used in developed cities, and places where there is large peak-to-valley drop in electricity consumption, but also used in projects requiring a short construction period.
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