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Product Details
STO/STW50 pillow mounted safety chuck
STO/STW50 pillow mounted safety chuck is a popular shaft roller support structure. There are two pieces of it for working. "STO" safety chuck is without extend shaft, and "STW" safety chuck is with one piece of extend shaft.

Following is the technical data of this safety chuck:
Name: STO/STW pillow type safety chuck
Category: Safety chuck
Brand: Handong HD
Structure mode: ST is pillow type installation, W refers to driving shaft, O refers to driven shaft.
Square bar dimension: 30*30  32*32  35*35  38*38  40*40
Application: It can be used in textile, paper making, steel wire rope, tire, wire and cable industry and others. According to usage, it can be connect with motor for driving rotating or driving rotating.
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