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Lifeboat Davit

Product Details
Lifeboat Davit
TUF Marine and Offshore lifeboat davit is fabricated in accordance with latest IMO LSA SOLAS rules. TUF lifeboat davits along with its cranes and components in the drop-down device, including the pulleys, davits, slings, the fixed components are designed according to the ultimate strength of the selected material and the maximum working load of the releasing device even though the maintenance is simple and easy requiring miniumum workload. They are also designed to work with ice covered. The lifeboat davit slings are made of anti-rotation and corrosion-resistant flexible steel wire ropes.

Available Capacity:
from 14KN to 180KN

Available Types:
Free-fall Type
Gravity Hinge Type
Gravity Sliding Type
Gravity Pole Type
Gravity Hydraulic Type
Offshore Platform Type
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