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Gravity Davit for lifeboat and rescue boat

Product Details
Gravity Davit for lifeboat and rescue boat
Gravity Davit for lifeboat and rescue boat
Gravity Davit for rescue boat and totally enclosed lifeboat

The Gravity Davit is manufactured and tested under the approval of major classification societies in compliance with the requirements of MSC.216(82)—-“Amendments to SOLAS 1974”,and MSC.48(66)—-“International codes for lifesaving appliances” as amended MSC.218(82)&MSC.272(85).

The davit is a hinged type davit and lowering lifeboat on its own weight without need of power from ship.

The operator inside the lifeboat could control boat lowering or stopping by means of remote control ropes. The operator on deck can observe the lifeboat during whole operating process of lowering and hoisting.

The boat can be controlled in two ways, either by means of a remote control wire from within the lifeboat or by lifting the brake handle of the winch directly. Recovery of the lifeboat with its launching crew is realized by using the electric driven winch.

The boat davit mainly consists of davit arm, frame, stop unit, floating block, pivot unit, limit unit, fastening unit, gripe lashing unit, remote control unit within boat and remote control unit on board (Also including rapid recovery unit for rescue boat).

It is approved by Class like ABS, CCS, BV, DNV-GL, NK, KR, RM-RS, and etc.
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