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Boxcooler for ship

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Boxcooler for ship
Boxcooler for ship
Boxcooler is a heat-exchange cooling system especially designed for the marine commercial ships.

This system does not need outboard secondary cooling water line. Therefore, there is no need to use cooling water pumps, filters, valve parts, pipelines and other parts that require maintenance. Compared to other solutions, boxcoolers are less prone to corrosion and attachment to marine life. It is also energy-saving. In a conventional cooling water system, a 15 kW secondary pumps consume about 3 liters of oil per hour. Boxcoolers can save 15,000 liters of oil based on an average 5000hours running time per year. Box coolers are best suited for operation in areas with ice, mud, sands or pollution. In fact, the box cooler is maintenance-free, so its operating cost is lower than any other cooling system.

Boxcooler may be placed either athwart ship or along ship. They are obviously very compact and suitable for river water and brackish water. With a coating they are also suitable for seawater. Standard delivery includes a welding edge which makes drilling or tapping of holes unnecessary. The interior is demountable if the top equals the empty waterline.

TUF boxcoolers are suitable for various ships like tug-boats, Dredgers, Engineering ships, Cargo ships, Ferry boats, fishing vessel, fish Well boat, hydrographic survey vessel, dredger, drag boat, motor barges, platform supply vessel PSV , ice breakers, ferries, reefers, cargo freighters, Refrigerator ships, Barges, Transport ships, Supply ships, Icebreakers, Oil tankers and etc. They are compact in design and well coated with Anti-corrosive thermal spray phenolic resin (for salty-water- going vessels).

For areas where there is a potential for biological contamination, special anti-fouling system is a good solution. The Impressed Current Anti-fouling System ( ICAF ) is a very effective biofouling method. The pure copper anode is mounted below the box cooler in the sea chest. A constant current is applied between the anode and the hull (mass) to dissolve the copper in the seawater. These copper ions create a continuous toxic environment that prevents precipitation.

There are ME (main engine) HT High temperature and LT Low temperature boxcooler, DG (diesel generator) boxcooler, RP boxcoolers and etc.

Our boxcoolers are approved by LR, DNV-GL, KR, ABS, CCS, NK, RINA, BV, RMRS (RS)

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