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A-Frame Davit for Fast Rescue Boat

Product Details
A-Frame Davit for Fast Rescue Boat
TUF A-frame davit for inboard-engine fast rescue boat are built in accordance with latest IMO LSA SOLAS rules. Each rescue boat davit is properly tested before they left our factory in China.

The ship and offshore A frame davits are swaying with the hull fluctuation during operatioin and the operating conditions and climatic environment are severe, hence the requirement for quality of the production, especially the quality of the weld is extremely high.

Chongqing Perpetual and TUF Marine have developped a state-of-the-art davit production process. The main arm of the TUF A frame davit adopts a U-shaped box-shaped structure instead of the flat-assembled box-shaped structure, which reduces two longitudinal fillet welds and has a round and beautiful appearance. The A frame davit manufacturing process includes sheet blanking, press forming, reverse deformation assembly, welding, adjustment, and final assembly. The shape of the U-shaped plate conforms to the design requirements and the shape is regularized by the profile pressing. The two ends of the U-shaped plate are fixed on the production platform, while the appropriate middle pad is used for anti-deformation assembly. Then the components are assembled and welded. The post-weld bending deformation can be controlled within a minimum tolerance to ensure the straightness of the main arm.
Available Capacity:
24KN,27KN, 30KN, 50KN and Custom Capcity Available.
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