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Glossy Adhesive Vinyl
Glossy Adhesive Vinyl
Most of them are used for store promotions, event advertisements, or advertising materials for kitchen windows. Because the surface is shiny, it looks very high-end under the illumination of lights. It also improves the visual effect of the store or goods to a certain extent, and strengthens your Brand image, increase customer impression.

Due to the high frequency of use and frequent replacements, some people may worry that it is difficult to remove, or the residual glue after removal is very ugly, and they are worried that it will damage the walls and kitchen windows. Now we can tell you responsibly that your worries are unnecessary , These problems have been repeatedly researched and tested by us and proved to be non-existent.

You just need to use our materials to design and create advertisements or DIY handmade patterns that suit your wishes.

Glossy PVC has widely application, it is widely used in indoor and outdoor lettering, marking and decoration, home decor, car d├ęcor, scrapbooking, card-making, graphics, stickers, decals, glass, mirrors, tiles, windows, banners, tags, signs, wraps, etc.
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