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Product Details
Fast microwave wood door press machine, 1 door 1 minute
Microwave wood door press machine can be applied to composite doors, solid wood composite door, paint free doors, fire doors, composite flooring and all kilds of board compound.

Working Principles
With rotary automatic lifting part, main frame material feeding part, microwave heating cavity, hydraulic pressing part, outlet conveying part, control & tempeterature testing part and moisture removing part.


Water Balance

Microwave door press machine use the microwave characteristics in the process of bonding and pressing to fast remove moisture int the material through its own cell fibers to make moisture contents in uniform and to avoid shrinkage problem.

Paint Free Door (PVC/Melamine)

Microwave can fast find out the relatively higher moisture content positions and selectively heat these positions first. It can make glue prenatrating fast and cured in seconds, finish 30 to 60 pieces of door per hour.

Solid Wood Composite Door

With moisture removing & heat removing, it can avoid shape changing.
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