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Product Details
High frequency wood curved bending press machine
High frequency wood curved bending press machine can be used for bending all kinds of plywood, MDF, HDF boards, such as office chair, desk, sofa arm, bed slats, panel furniture, bed heads, cabinet door face, musical instruments as well as other plywood elements.

For solid wood bending is only suitable for big radius of curvature products, such as chair banks, chair legs, bed heads or musical instrument pieces.

High frequency dielectric heating fast & uniform, curing glue in 2 to 3 minutes;
Wooden molds saving costs, less heat loss, easy operation and changing;
After bending, stable shape and keep shape;
2 sets of presses shift to work. While one is working, the other one is ready to loading;
High efficiency;
Environmental friendly, no pollution;
Years of production experience, multiple safeties & protections.
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