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Cantilever Industrial Robotic Dispensing System
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China 2 part ab resin potting machien for bushings, insulators potting machine,Motor potting, magnet bonding, Encapsulation of transformers, igniters, noise filters

Machine information:
Mixing ratio :
100:100-100:10 adjustable . Dynamic or static mixing mode are optional .

Tank liquid level sensor :
Tank liquid level alarm helps remind glue level line in tank and supplement materials immediately.

Vacuum filling:
The machine can automatically feeding material by using of the negative pressure of AB vacuum tank .

Vacuum degas :
Vacuum defoaming can remove the bubbles contained in the material,and this degas system can satisfy different fluid mixing and potting .

Heating helps glue, especially PU and epoxy, to quickly reduce viscosity in cold weather, increase flow speed, and improve glue
filling efficiency.

Self-cleaning :
Automatic cleaning can quickly clean the mixing tube and prevent the mixture from solidifying

Automatic discharging can discharge the mixture that is about to be solidified in time to prevent the mixture from solidifying inthe mixing tube

ITEM Parameter
Mixing ratio 1:1--10:1 adjustable
Working range : 700*700*100mm
Displacement speed : 200mm/s(speed)
Out-glue speed: 1-12g/s
Accuracy : ±2%(output volume)±2%(mixing)
tolerance: ≤0.2mm
Flow control :Digital input
Program memory :99pcs
Motion trail : Dot , line ,curve ,circle
Automatic controlling system: Touch screen (to achieve program programming, modification, storage and so on
Out-glue control system:AB glue back suction valve, achieve AB glue independent operation
Programmatically:Tech programming
With computer systems (Micro software Windows 7,Windows10 optional)
Mixing method: dynamic mixing
Power supply:220V/50Hz/1500W
Air source: 0.5-0.8Mpa
Viscosity range: 50-20000cps
Outer dimension: 1500L*1200W*1600H mm
A tank: 25L stainless tank(optional)
B tank: 10L stainless tank(optional)
Others:AB tank , A pump, AB pipeline heating function

Machine Application:
Electronics Potting
Potting masses protect the sensitive electrical and electronic parts of devices from variable operating conditions, such as temperature fluctuations, damp, vibrations and more. Application like sensor potting, capacitor potting, transformer, relay, inductor, relay,Transducers, sensors, switches, meters, transmitters

Plug and Cable Potting
Even the tiniest gaps in plug housings, connectors and power supply units can be filled by potting masses. Potting materials for plugs and cables are flexible, highly water resistant, mechanically stable and tear-resistant. such as connector , switch potting
Photovoltaic Potting
Photovoltaic potting makes devices extremely weather-resistant, protects electrics against atmospheric fluctuations and the infiltration of damp, such as junction box potting, panel sealing and so on

LED Potting
Transparent or opaque potting systems protect LEDs from water, dust, and other atmospheric influences, enabling effective encapsulation as well as optimal light scattering for spotlight. Additionally, the Sonderhoff mixing and dosing system for LED potting avoids air bubbles and smears making optimal protection possible. such as led strip, wall washer, led driver, led display screen, other led lamps

Filter Potting This provides a leakage-free sealing of the frames and allows for the filtering of clean air. Foamed potting for bonding the filter medium into the filter frame enables cost and weight reductions, also meeting the high-quality requirements. Due to the foamed cell structure, the amount of adhesive per filter can be reduced by up to 50 percent. The lower density results in less weight that facilitates easier part handling. such as hepa filter, end cap filter , cabin fiter, air filter, ECO filter, oil filter potting and so on

RF Devices
Control Modules & Timers
Relays, Resistors, Capacitors
Automotive & Coil Assemblies
Switches & Connectors
Submersible Pumps
EV Motors
Telecom Devices
UL Certified
Solar Energy
Motors and Stators
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