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CCD Intelligent Automatic Visual glue Dispensing Machine
CCD Intelligent Automatic Visual glue Dispensing Machine . Whatsapp +86 13 42516 4065
PGV501 The vision system glue potting machine has outstanding characteristics as following:
1. Ultra - high precision double cylinder plunger pump, glue stable and easy to use. Daheng core patent plunger pump technology, with unique, innovative, practical, advanced; A new generation of fluid measurement ratio control with high accuracy, variable, uninterrupted and long life is realized.
2. The machine has automatic glue dispensing function, can match 1:1 to 10:1 within the two-component glue, can automatically match, automatic mixing, automatic mixing, automatic completion of the machine, do not need manual matching, is an online type of glue dispensing, to fill the amount of glue, how much glue dispensing, dispensing good glue is immediately to the product .
3.High-precision CCD vision capture and positioning, high-precision imported servo screw three-coordinate linear manipulator mobile device, to achieve high-precision positioning control, accuracy ±0.03mm
4 Motion control card: high-speed dot and line drawing and various irregular motion control; Teaching programming is adopted .
5 Various of needles: glue mixing and dispensing evenly .
6 .Alarm function: the drums of A and B are equipped with alarm and induction devices of lower position
7. Vacuum feeding: both barrel A and barrel B can automatically vacuum feeding, which is helpful to eliminate air bubbles
8. Diaphragm pump feeding: A, B drums can automatically feed diaphragm pump
9. Automatic cleaning: the mixed part of AB adhesive is automatically cleaned with gas and liquid .
10. Anti-curing procedure, the machine can set the glue interval time according to the time of glue curing, to prevent the glue curing caused by the occasional stop during the working time, causing the machine to block up
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