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25kg, 50kg Rice, Flour, Sugar, Salt PP Woven Bag Six Shuttle Circular Loom

Product Details
25kg, 50kg Rice, Flour, Sugar, Salt PP Woven Bag Six Shuttle Circular Loom
igh Efficiency
there are six shuttles of the loom machine and the speed of main engine is 180 r/min, the output of production is more than 3000 meters per day.

Lower Power Consumption
adopt advanced plane cam, compare with traditional 4 shuttles circular loom and big cam six shuttles circular loom, this type circular loom can save more than 50-65% power consumption.

Lowers Noises
the noises of the loom machine is lower 5db then the data of occupation standards in china current loom market.

Suitable For Weaving Fibers Of Lower Denier
the loom machine suits more to weave all the kinds of the flat fibers based the fine scope of denier 500~1800(56~200tex). no matter new material high denier for canvas or heavy duty container bags, or 100% recycled polypropylene material produced fibers, our loom can fully meet your different fibers weaving requirement.

the 6 shuttles are rolling along the special orbits of the loom machine. the wheels of shuttle are not born the centrifugal force of the shuttle. the warps have not been pressed by the wheels of shuttle. since the shuttles can turn round without the lubrication, so it is quite convenience and cleaning while through the warps.
Centralized Control
adopt PLC to control the complete machine, frequency converter to regulate weaving speed, famous brand quality can be assured;
The Machine Would Be Stop Automatically
the loom machine would be stop automatically while the warps and wefts has broken or finished and the loom machine can distinguish the area where the warps or the wefts been broken or finished accurately and immediately.
The Intelligent Lifting Systems
the loom machine of type “v” has added the intelligent lifting constructions on the basis of the loom machine of type “iv”. it is quite convenience and easy for the purpose of changing the densities of the wefts. the precision of weaving rollers would be more accurately and smoothly.
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