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MONDE excavator rotary screening bucket
The MSB bucket comes equipped with an interchangeable mesh system around the drum inner circumference and replaceable sections in the conical rear area of the drum. Four models are offered to fit mini diggers from 6 tonne to 36 tonne excavator. Suitable for top-soil, quarried stone, remediation of contaminated soils beaches, demolition waste and green recycling duties. The MSB series is just at home clearing on a demolition site or in the quarry cleaning and sizing stone.

Preliminary screening of waste materials, demolition, excavation and re-filling, and soil rebuilding of rocky land. The screening bucket is suitable for sorting natural materials before and after comminution, reducing the comminution time by 60%, so that materials that are compatible with the type of processing required can be recycled and managed. With the inching hydraulic system, even wet materials can be screened, increasing production by 30% year-on-year. It is suitable for gravel screening and beach cleaning in waterways. It is a good assistant for screening fine debris blocks. The size of the sorting screen can be adjusted by changing the screen. Screen sizes from 10mm to 150mm are available. Can be made according to customer needs.

1. The mesh hole is not easy to block.

2. The operation is stable and the noise is low.

3. Simple structure and convenient maintenance.

4. The screening cylinder can be rotated forward and backward for easy screening.

5. The reliability of the whole machine is high, and the one-time investment is less.

6, the use of special mesh, high screening efficiency, long service life.

1. We pack the products by simple pallet or case which is seaworthy.
2. Fast delivery time: 5-7 days for small quantity, and 20-30 days for container quantity.
3. We have a team specialized in packing and loading container, they have rich experience, and can load the max quantity products, which can help customer save the ocean freight.

Shandong Mingde Machinery co., Ltd produce many kinds of excavator attachments such as: buckets, ripper, boom & arm, grapple, quick coupler, hydraulic shear, hydraulic clamp, hydraulic vibration hammer, hydraulic crusher, milling machine, screener, strength boom & arm, tamping bucket, bulldozer shovel, bulldozer push beam, bulldozer ripper, loader bucket, loader timer grapple, show shovel etc. We have many kinds of top quality attachments products to fit all type of excavators, bulldozers and loaders. Also, we have our own import/export company, our products are exported to all over the world, based on our quality and the best after-service.

In the year 2011, Shandong Mingde Machinery Co,Ltd has set up joint venture with a HongKong Investment Co. Ltd namely Shandong Mingde Gangcheng Machinery Co.,Ltd with WMS brand. Now our company has two brand names and so we will try our best to develop the international market in future.
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