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5 Ton Mining Electric Hydraulic 3 Wheel Car

Product Details
5 Ton Mining Electric Hydraulic 3 Wheel Car
5 ton hydraulic mining electric tricycle can transport ore, clean up slag, transport tools, personnel, etc. in the mine tunnel. Electric dump trucks have no heat, no smoke, no noise, and no pollution, which brings good news to the miners who are suffering from the smoke and fire of diesel locomotives and maintain the air quality in the roadway. Three-layer craftsmanship of the whole vehicle, original headlights, and mirrors. Multi-layer tires, heavy beams, thicker carriages, and suspended rear axles. Easy to drive, flexible direction, heavier chassis, no skidding. (Customized carriages according to the size of the roadway) is a battery transportation tool used by factories or mines to transport raw materials, semi-finished products, finished products, ore, slag and other materials.
Model: YT-50
Carriage volume: 1.9m³
Loading Capacity: 5000kg
Unloading height: 2350mm
Loading height: 1250mm
Min ground clearance: ≤250mm
Min turning radius: ≤4900mm
Gradeability (heavy load): ≤6°
Maximum lift angle of carriage: 45°
Tyre model: Front tire 600-10 Rear tire 700-16
Damping system: Main frame: 9 pieces*10mm, sub frame: 6 pieces*10mm
Operation System: steering wheel
Max Speed: 25km/h
Motor Power: 7.5kw
Cargo box size (outer diameter): 2200*1400*600mm
Container board thickness: 3mm
Voltage: 72V120AH
Quantities of Battery: 6 piece,12V120AH Maintenance free
Dimensions: 3800*1400*1550mm
Frame: welding
Weight: 1500kg
Control system: Inbol Controller
Wheelbase: 1400 mm
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