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Product Details
2K Dispensing machine 2k potting machine
2K Dispensing machine 2k potting machine
2K Dispensing machine 2k potting machine
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Feature& Benefits :
●Stainless steel construction, easy to clean and maintenance.
●Fixed ratio design for precise ratio control.
●Static or Dynamic mixing valve applied for different material requirements.
●Microprocessor controlled.
●Interactive memory setting function creates user friendly interface.
●Multiple variable shot volume program up to 7 sequences.
●Easy shot size and flow rate adjustment.
●Precise gear pumps or progressive cavity pump, supply the material steadily and consistently.
●Optional material tank heater, agitator, or vacuum degassing unit available.
●Material tank empty warning.
●PTC thermal sensor insures temperature of the material tube constant.
●Error-protection design, error message display.
Optional Features :
D. Dynamic mixing valve: a high speed air motor applied for mixture of resin and hardener when the mixing ratio or viscosities are distinct.
V. Vacuum Degassing: Vacuum pump is utilized for material tank de-gassing and for vacuum suction refill.
C. Progressive Cavity Pump: This is used when the material contains fillers. Ordinary gear pumps and piston pump would tend to wear out easily.
R. Recirculation unit: This function would enforce material from auto valve back to material tank when its fillers or tends to settle down or crystallize during idle.
A. Auto-refill: This is suitable for user with high frequency of refilling workload. This function is completed by a specially designed pneumatic transfer pump, which can reach to the material ram and pumping liquid to dispenser pressure tanks.
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