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2 component material epoxy Sheet Membrane filter bonding and potting machine
2 component material epoxy Sheet Membrane filter bonding and potting machine
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2 component material epoxy Sheet Membrane filter bonding and potting machine

This is a two-component materials automatic refilling, degassing, metering, mixing, and dosing base on pre-determined ratio machine. The machine equips with portable mixing head, it can be used for dynamic or static mixing valve base on different materials. The mixing head is portable and can be used for manual dispense or mount on different equipment, such as conveyor, or robot arm.
It can use longer hoses, and add agitate stirring, tank heating, pressure sensor, and automatic valve cleaning function. The operation is simple and user friendly, which greatly saves the manual mixing time, improves efficiency, save material, and labor cost.
It suits for mixing and potting various types of two components materials, that requires to use manually or potable mixing head. Able to apply material on electric (wire) road board industry, electronic components industry, electric light source industry, small home appliance industry, igniter industry, automotive supplies industry, vacuum cleaner industry, filter industry and many other fields.
This is one of our best selling two components machines, for its accuracy mixing, dispensing, and flexibility for multi purposes potting.
How to select a right dispensing machine for your production:
1, Know your materials (glues). Share your datasheet with your equipment supplier. It is not a secret, unless you really mix the chemicals by yourself. Different materials match different filling systems, dispensing valves, and or pumps. There is no universal dispensing yet, the higher accuracy, the higher specific of your dispensing system. And there are too many, many different fluids and adhesive glues to fit into a “universal dispenser”, so do not believe it.
2, Share information of your dispensing target or targets. You can provide some general photo, or sketch, better with video clips. Different dispensing targets use different working strokes; different types of machines; different valves, nozzles and so on. So it is important to know, you can ask to sign an NDA agreement, most of the reliable factories will abibe by it, after all we want repeat businesses, and there are certain law to protect and guard.
3, share your production requirements, such as each out flow rate; precision requirements; capacity per hour; safety and others.
Price is important, but wrong function of a machine will cost you deeper. Please feel free to contact us, we provide free consulting and sampling.
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