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Adhesive Bonding Potting machine of Automotive Sensors and ECUs
Adhesive Bonding Potting machine of Automotive Sensors and ECUs
Sensors are potted in order to permanently protect electronic components from external influences such as heat, moisture, vibration, or chemical influences. Our dispensing pumps ensure high-precision, high-quality potting processes in the most diverse applications. In combination with the appropriate one or two-component potting materials for the respective application, perfect, customer-specific solutions are created. Depending on the application, the dispensing pumps master a variety of challenges.
Sensors measure tire pressure and wheel speed, check the axle load and steering angle, and monitor the oil level, engine temperature and fuel level. More than 100 sensors are currently installed in a single modern vehicle and this number is growing. Together with the associated ECUs, they help to keep the vehicle in the lane while driving, smooth out shifting in automatic transmissions and assist in reducing emissions, among other things. In short, they contribute to more safety, convenience, comfort and efficiency. however, this also means that faulty sensors, such as those related to the ESP or airbag, can also jeopardize lives. To make sure this doesn't happen, the electronics in the ECUs and sensors and the open contact points on the housing must be reliably and permanently shielded against damaging influences. this is possible using precise adhesive bonding, sealing and potting processes with repeat accuracy as well as selecting the right potting media.

Machine Features:

1. Automatic metering and mixing, touch screen PLC control system, English operation interface allow easy to set parameters;
2. Big LCD screen displays various processing data;
3. Easy programming of dots, stripes, arcs, compound arcs and patterns on different planes;
4. Gluing speed and timing can be set;
5. CAD file can be imported and turned to be dispensing patterns, and downloaded via USB; (optional function)
6. Mixing ratio 1:1-1:10 and gluing volume can be set and adjusted as per actual need. Dynamic mixing ensure two component glue to be mixed to a fully homogeneous consistency;
7. Metering, mixing and gluing simultaneously;
8. Two tanks keep A glue and B glue separately;
9. Liquid level sensor, alarm function;
10. Tank stirring and vacuum defoaming function optional;
11. Auto cleaning; the cleaning mode can be manually or automatically, manual mode just remove the mixing tube then soak into cleaning agent, after 10 min take out and clean with compressed air, Automatic mode only need to operate the cleaning switch on touch screen within 1 minute to complete;
12. Glue tank/metering pump/glue pipe heating function (optional);
13. Vacuum control keeps thin fluids from dripping;
14. Unique control system which will not influenced by air pressure factor, ensures optimal dispensing performance;
15. XYZ axis can be programmed to dispense glue along desired patterns.

Application Area:

1. Electrical Products: Electronic parts, integrated circuits, circuit board solder paste, fixed and dust and moisture protection, LCD liquid crystal screen, speakers, headphone, audio, LED, optical lens, SMD transformers, relays.
2. Communication Products: Keypad, mobile phone casing bonding, radio, telephone, Computers, MP4, electronic toys, chassis bonding, switches, connectors, plug cable.

I.Machine description and working principle

Automatic glue mixing machine is mainly used for a two-component glue( Epoxy/ Silicone/PU,etc adhesive), automatic metering and mixing the ratio of glue. the glue are stored in two barrels separately, according the glue weight ratio and volume demand automatic metering by two sets of precision pump, supply to a mixing device fully mixing, and then potting/dispensing the desired products.

II.Main Function:

1.Automatic metering and mixing

2.Manual Gluing

3.Auto alarm for lack of material or full material

4.Gluing ratio and quantity adjustable

5.Auto cleaning

6.Glue tank Vacuum Defoaming (Optional)

7.Glue barrels,metering pump,glue pipe can be heating (Optional)


Model No:PGB-700
Mixing Ratio100:100-10:100(1:1-1:10) Adjustable
Metering precision±1%
Outflow speed1g/sec-15g/sec
Mixing precision±1%
Mixing modeDynamic mixing /Static mixing
Glue ViscosityLower than 20000 CPS(mPas)
Control modePLC + Touch Screen
Control systemIndependent R&D
Measuring mode
Stepping motor/High-precision, wear-resistant,

Long-life Gear pump

Working voltageAC 220V 50Hz/60Hz
Power requirement3.55KW
Air pressure requirement4.5-8KG
Machine Dimension1500(L)*1200(W)*1500(H)mm
Weightapprox 260 KG
Work environmentHumidity: 20%~98%RH; Temperature: 0~+40°c

Suitable Material: for waterproof, adhesive, fixed two-component adhesive.

Such as: Crystal or less additive glue --Silicone, epoxy, polyurethane(PU), etc.

Applications:LED products,Crafts,Electronic components

Such as:Wall washer light, LED bar, LED strip, Ads module, Sensor, Photovoltaic module, Photovoltaic inverter.Etc
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