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High Pressure Forged Steel Trunnion Ball Valve
High Pressure Forged Steel Trunnion Ball Valve
High Pressure Forged Steel Trunnion Ball Valve
High Pressure Forged Steel Trunnion Ball Valve
High Pressure Forged Steel Trunnion Ball Valve
Flanged high pressure Forged ball valve:
The advanced valve seat of the flanged high pressure Forged ball valve and the valve seat designed with many years of ball valve manufacturing experience ensure the valve sealing, low friction coefficient, small operating torque, multiple valve seat materials, and a wide range of applications. Anti-fly structure of the valve stem: The valve stem is a bottom-mounted type to prevent it from flying out under pressure.

At the same time, it can form metal contact with the valve body after a fire to ensure the valve stem is sealed. Error-free handle for switching: The flat-head valve stem is used, and the connection with the handle will not be misaligned, so as to ensure that the switch state indicated by the handle is consistent with the valve. Locking device: In order to prevent misoperation of the valve switch, there are locking holes in the fully open and fully closed positions of the valve to ensure that the valve is in the correct position. Applicable media: water, gas, oil, natural gas and acid-base corrosive media. Applicable temperature: -196~350℃ Drive mode: manual, pneumatic, electric, hydraulic, etc.

The flange high-pressure Forged ball valve can be closed tightly only with a 90-degree rotation and a small torque. The completely equal internal cavity of the valve provides a straight flow channel with little resistance for the medium. It is generally believed that the ball valve is most suitable for direct opening and closing, but recent developments have designed the ball valve to throttle and control the flow. The main feature of the ball valve is its compact structure, easy operation and maintenance, suitable for general working media such as water, solvent, acid and natural gas, and also suitable for media with harsh working conditions, such as oxygen, hydrogen peroxide, methane and ethylene. The ball valve body can be integral or combined.

Nominal pressure or pressure level: PN1.0-32.0MPa, ANSI CLASS 150-900, JIS10-20K

Nominal diameter or caliber: DN6~900, NPS 1/4 ~36

Connection method: flange, butt welding, thread, socket welding, etc.

Applicable temperature: -196℃~540℃

Drive mode: manual, worm gear drive, pneumatic, electric, hydraulic, gas-liquid linkage, electro-hydraulic linkage

Valve body material: WCB, ZG1Cr18Ni9Ti, ZG1Cr18Ni12Mo2Ti, CF8 (304), CF3 (304L), CF8M (316), CF3M (316L), Ti. Different materials are used, which can be applied to various media such as water, steam, oil, nitric acid, acetic acid, oxidizing medium, urea, etc.
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