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Daheng PGB-810 two component meter mix dispenser glue potting machine
Daheng PGB-810 two component meter mix dispenser glue potting machine
Daheng PGB-810 two component meter mix dispenser glue potting machine
Daheng PGB-810 two component meter mix dispenser glue potting machine
Daheng PGB-810 two component meter mix dispenser glue potting machine
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pgb-8100 In applications the dual cartridges are impractical due to large quantities used. Dispensing equipment can be used to assure the correct mix ratio, then the adhesive is dispensed through dynamic/static mix tip.
Piston Pump metering and mixing dispensing equipment is ideal for higher viscosity epoxy and medium production output.
Cylinder pump metering and mixing dispensing equipment is preferred for lower viscosity adhesives and are used in fully automated high production environments.
Our system accurately meters, mixes and dispenses two-component medium to low-viscosity materials for potting,
gasketing,sealing, encapsulation and syringe filling. For variable ratio dispensing, the system handles ratios from 1:1 to 10:1.
The system is composed of material tank, metering pump, metering motor, material pipe, two component valve, motor for dynamic
stirring, mixing tube and 3 axis robotic arms. Two kinds of glue are separated before they mix in mixing tube, so the glue will
not cure in devices. Glue valve is with vacuum function to keep thin fluid from dripping. Other optional functions include:
Tank stirring function;
Tank defoaming function;
Thermostat heating function on Tank, pipe, and valve;
1. Automatic metering and mixing, touch screen PLC control system, English operation interface allow easy to set parameters;
2. Big LCD screen displays various processing data;
3. Easy programming of dots, stripes, arcs, compound arcs and patterns on different planes;
4. Gluing speed and timing can be set;
5. CAD file can be imported and turned to be dispensing patterns, and downloaded via USB; (optional function)
6. Mixing ratio 1:1-1:10 and gluing volume can be set and adjusted as per actual need. Dynamic mixing ensure two component glue to
be mixed to a fully homogeneous consistency;
7. Metering, mixing and gluing simultaneously;
8. Two tanks keep A glue and B glue separately;
9. Liquid level sensor, alarm function;
10. Tank stirring and vacuum defoaming function optional;
11. Auto cleaning; The cleaning mode can be manually or automatically, manual mode just remove the mixing tube then soak into
cleaning agent, after 10 min take out and clean with compressed air, Automatic mode only need to operate the cleaning switch on
touch screen within 1 minute to complete;
12. Glue tank/metering pump/glue pipe heating function (optional);
13. Vacuum control keeps thin fluids from dripping;
14. Unique control system which will not influenced by air pressure factor, ensures optimal dispensing performance;
15. XYZ axis can be programmed to dispense glue along desired patterns.
Application Area:
1. Electrical Products: Electronic parts, integrated circuits, circuit board solder paste, fixed and dust and moisture protection,
LCD liquid crystal screen, speakers, headphone, audio, LED, optical lens, SMD transformers, relays.
2. Communication Products: Keypad, mobile phone casing bonding, radio, telephone, Computers, MP4, electronic toys, chassis
bonding, switches, connectors, plug cable.
Advantage of dispenser robot
Dispensing robots automate most fluid assembly processes ensuring fast and repeatable deposits without mess, waste or error. For
making repeat dots, beads, arcs and circles with any fluid, adhesive or paste. Easy to setup and run and these systems are
supplied complete.
Our line of products consists of epoxies, silicones, polyurethanes and UV curable systems. They are used in low, medium, high
voltage applications and feature outstanding electrical insulation properties, superior adhesive strength, thermal stability and
superb chemical resistance. Products provide reliable long term performance for microelectronic, electronic, electrical devices,
components including:
* Power supplies
* Switches
* Ignition coils
* Electronic modules
* Motors
* Connectors
* Sensors
* Cable harness assemblies
* Capacitors
* Transformers
* Rectifiers
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