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Product Details
Video measuring machine
1.It has a marble base, columns and countertops. Good stability and strong structural rigidity;

2.Two-layer workbench structure reduces mechanical errors and ensures X and Y horizontal motion accuracy;

3.Marble work surface, good flatness, good hardness, not easy to scratch, durable;

4.The X and Y directions of the table are high, ensuring the coordinate measurement accuracy of 3+L/200. Even if the workpiece is not square, the measurement accuracy can be achieved.

5.The Z-axis lifting adopts a balanced hammer structure to ensure that the Z-axis rises and falls smoothly and the hand feel is consistent;

6.Single-axis linearity compensation accuracy of 3 + L / 200, nonlinear compensation up to 3 + L / 250;

7.One-piece machine stand makes operation more convenient and ergonomic;
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