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Trailed Sand Top Dresser, Green Top Dresser, Golf Top Dresser, Soccer Field Top Dresser for Sale

Product Details
Trailed Sand Top Dresser, Green Top Dresser, Golf Top Dresser, Soccer Field Top Dresser for Sale
KASHIN TURF is a Manufacturer of top dresser, sand top dresser, sand top dressing machine, golf course top spreader, sports fields top dresser in China.
ATV or Tractor Trailed Top Dresser

One model is a self-propelled type ---- Green walking type Topdresser
Using gasoline engine as the power.

The other model is a tractor trailed type ---- Trailed Sand Top Dresser

Our machines are widely used in many golf courses in China.

We can supply a full set of sulotions of golf course.

Sod Cutter, Turf Aerator, Turf Scarifier, Turf Tidy, Turf Blower, Sprayer, etc.


Main feature:

1. Double cross-shaped axle design, each two tires are independently grouped, can deflect 7 °, automatically apply to ground fluctuations, greatly increasing the stability of the sand coating machine on the court.

2. Three driven rollers are added to the bottom of the sand-covered conveyor belt to drive the sliding friction with rolling friction, which greatly reduces the resistance of the sand belt and makes the hydraulic motor work more lightly.

3. Two weight-reducing beams are added to the sand bucket to effectively bear the pressure of the sand on the conveyor belt, making the hydraulic motor more labor-saving, reducing the wear of the conveyor belt and increasing the life, greatly reducing the power output of the tractor

4. The sand bucket adopts 3mm thick galvanized sheet, and the covering part adopts 2mm thick galvanized sheet, which will never rust.

5. The structural parts of sheet metal parts are all laser cutting and CNC flame cutting, and the edges of the whole machine are smooth and regular.

6. The key hydraulic parts adopt American Eaton or White hydraulic motor and imported flow regulating valve, which are durable and reliable.

7. Exclusive use of 6mm nitrile rubber transmission sand-coated belt, wear resistance and strength is much better than PVC conveyor belt, service life is more than 5 years

8. The conveyor belt has guide strips to prevent deviations and reduce abnormal wear on the sand-covered conveyor belt

9. Adopt wide-width high-bearing lawn tires to reduce the pressure on the ground lawn and protect the court lawn

10. All high-strength standard parts and imported bearings are used.

11. High-pressure hose high-strength hydraulic fittings and self-made combined joint module are used to make the pipeline more beautiful and durable.

12. The BRAND flow control valve imported from the United States separately controls the speed of the conveyor belt brush and makes each rotation controllable and adjustable

Bucket capacity(m3)1.02
Working width(mm)1332
Conveyor6mm HNBR rubber
Control systemHydraulic
Structure weight(kg)650
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