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RV Marine Water Filter for heavy metal and odor removal

Product Details
RV Marine Water Filter for heavy metal and odor removal
Lanlang ® FRV Marine Water Filter uses Kinetic Degradation Fluxion (KDF) and Advanced Granular Activated Carbon (GAC) technology, Delivers you refreshing and tasty filtered water.
Lanlang water filter for rv can maximize the smooth of water flow and reduce the stress on connection. It is the best choice for camping and outdoor, gardening,car washing and pet shower.
Lanlang RV Marine Water Filter adopts multiple filter structure. It can effectively reduce , bad taste, smell, chlorine, sediment and much more. It is an excellent guardian of drinking water safety, which fully protect your health.

FRV water filter reduces chloride and odor by 97%, while retaining minerals that are beneficial to health. The filtered water is tasty and fresh, ensuring the health of your body.

The average lifespan of each camper water filter can last an entire camping season 3 months. Two packs can last for half a year.

♦ Various types of RVs♦ Yachts
♦ Camping♦ Pets Shower
♦ Gardening♦ Cleaning
♦ Car Washing♦ Drinking Water
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