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New Upgrade 5 in 1 Water Softener Media

Product Details
New Upgrade 5 in 1 Water Softener Media
Lanlang HYPERMIXTM offers you best solutions for TOP5 potable water problems:
Water Hardness
lron, ferrous form and organic form
Natural organic matter, including tannins

Only one filter with HYPERMIXTM replaces three and more filters to treat various kinds of impurities
Advantages for you:
The best agent price, agent area protect
Function: 5 in 1 strong functions
Service life: Guaranteed for 5+ years
Easy maintenance: Similar to a usual water softener.
Easily modify a softener, by simply refilling the HYPERMIX media
Ready solutions for residential and commercial sectors water problems.

For more details, feel free to get in touch with us! HYPERMIXTM Samples a ready for your test.
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