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DBK250 pneumatic brake
Strong and durable steel braking disc for DBK250 pneumatic brake is full of spiral holes, it is advantage for heat dissipation.

As usually the braking disk diameter is 250mm, so braking torque is determined by modular quantity and air pressure. When air pressure is 0.6Mpa, modular quantity more, its braking torque is larger, too. For example, when air pressure is 0.6Mpa, DBK250.1 braking torque is 160N.m; DBK250.2 braking torque is 320N.m.

On the other hand, when braking plate diameter different, it produce braking force is different. for the DBK10, when braking plate diameter is 250mm, braking force is about 170N.m; if braking plate diameter is 350mm, its braking power is nearly 240N.m. So we can see that braking disk diameter, modular quantity and air pressure are three factors influence fan cooled caliper disc brake's braking force.
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