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Equal Asahi-Nexen CTLP pneumatic tooth clutch
Equal Asahi-Nexen CTLP pneumatic tooth clutch has two kinds of structure: integrated structure and separated structure.

Handong made HTP series pneumatic tooth clutch can well alternative Asahi-Nexen CTLP pneumatic tooth clutch completely.

Following are the characters of HTP CTLP pneumatic tooth clutch:
1. Engaged with two ends of tooth, it is very suitable to mounted on various driving shaft, will not slippage with air pressure. Compact size while transmit torque is several times than other same size clutches.
2. Inside return springs, separated thoroughly, no idling rotating friction load.
3. Linking and releasing in moment, controlled by air pressure.
4.Integrated structure, easy installation and no worry about coaxiality.
5.Tooth engagement, at low speed or static linking.
6.Dry and wet working environment both can be work.
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