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Product Details
Extra-large handheld polariscope PSV-202-DL
Extra-large handheld polariscope PSV-202-DL
Extra-large handheld polariscope PSV-202-DL
The handheld Polariscope ( Ref.PSV-202-DL ) has been designed to cover a wide range of strain viewing applications.
It can be applied to the quality control inspection of glass and plastics components and may be employed as a vertical or horizontal viewing instrument.
Different from common bench type Polariscope , this handheld Polariscope adopt seperating design , that means the analyzer and polarizer are movable . In this way , the net weight is almost reduced to half . This lightweight design make it more convenient to carry .
The working space available within the unit enables a wide variety of components to be accommodated for hand held examination under polarizing light.
Detecting object
1. any transparent glass products
such as : fish tank , mobile phone cover, lighting tube, solar glass ,automobile glass,sapphire, glass container , glass handicraft  
2. any transparent plastic samples
such as : PET preform, plastic bottle , cosmetic bottle , beverage bottle, plastic tray, plastic film
3. Crystaline material
Optical path difference of full-wave plate : 560nm  
Viewing field( illuminating area ): 400mm*400mm
Analyzer( on the top ) : diameter 200mm
Overall size:500mm*500mm*90mm
Voltage: 220VAC 
Light source: White LED lamp
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