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Aluminum Honeycomb Panels
What are Aluminium Honeycomb Panels?
Aluminium Honeycomb Panel is a composite panel that is consisted of 3 layers, both top & bottom layers are aluminium sheets and then laminated to a hexagonal hollow honeycomb core by using two components PU glue.

In recent years, the trend of demand for using aluminium panels are apt to big size, good flatness & light weighted panel. It's difficult for solid aluminum panels to meet these requirements, but aluminium honeycomb panel can. Aluminium honeycomb panels can be cut to size, fabricated as per drawings, available with different types of panel edges & different types of finishes to fit into different applications ranging from architecture to transportation.

What are the features of Aluminium Honeycomb Panels?
Good anti-corrosion. We use aluminium alloy 3003 that contains elements of Mg & Mn, it has very good anti-corrosion property & long life span. It won't rust easily like coated steel.

Light weighted. Honeycomb core is hollow hexagonal structure, so the whole honeycom panel is light weighted. It is much lighter than solid aluminium panel, and it can reduce the total weight of your projects.

High rigidity. Honeycomb panels are high rigidity material because the hexagonal honeycomb core is strong & firm.

Super flat surface. Honeycomb panel surface is much more flat than aluminium solid panel, even for big size panel, it won’t have oil canning surface like aluminium solid panel does.

Fire retardant. Aluminium honeycomb is fire retardant, classified as A2 FR.

Recyclable. Aluminium honeycomb panel is a green product that is a fully recyclable material, it can be separated and recycled after replacement or when product no longer needed.

Easy installation. Honeycomb panels can be cut to size and fabricated as per customer’s required shape or drawing, making it easy & handy for customer’s install or assemble.

Aluminium honeycomb panels features

What are the applications of Aluminium Honeycomb Panels?
Architectural decoration. Aluminium honeycomb panels can be used for architectural applications such as façade cladding, roofing, ceiling, soffit, and interior wall partition.

Transportation industry. It can be used for transportation applications such as boat body, truck body panels etc.

Substrate material. Aluminium honeycomb panels can be used as substrate materials for making light weighted & rigid composite materials, such as being as substrate panels for stone honeycomb panels, acrylic honeycomb panels etc.

Furniture panels. Aluminium honeycomb panel can be used for making furniture such kitchen cabinets, bedroom closets, tables, doors, for its good resistance to moisture & termite.
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